We get it. Deciding on new flooring for your home can be an overwhelming decision. Carpet or tile, hardwood or luxury vinyl plank? How are you ever going to make the best decision?  If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to resolve your flooring needs, carpeting might be your best bet. But I can’t make that decision for you, so here are a few considerations on some of the many benefits to carpet.  

1. It's Affordable
    Sometimes we just need a refresh without breaking the bank. Compared to other flooring options, carpet tends to be more economical. The smaller upfront cost can be a great upside especially if you are already spending a lot on other aspects of your home. In addition, carpet is faster and easier to install which also equals lower installation costs. 

    2. It’s Quieter 

      You want your home to be a peaceful sanctuary. Overwhelming noise can destroy the peace in seconds. Carpet absorbs the noise around you making your home instantly quieter and more comfortable. It stifles resonant sound in your home and muffles footsteps, music, and voices. 

      3. It’s Softer 

        Carpet simply has that warm, comfortable feeling you just can’t get with any other flooring. No one can deny the coziness of a freshly carpeted room.  While putting a rug over a hardwood floor can also soften a space, it's just simply harder to achieve the same level of comfort and warmth.  

        4. It’s Safer 

          If you have small kids or elderly members of your family living in your home, carpet is undoubtedly the safer choice. Hardwood floors can quickly become slippery and dangerous if anything is spilled on them, which can be hazardous for anyone taking the stairs or just simply walking around the house. If you do trip or fall, carpet will be much kinder than hardwood.  

          5. It’s Versatile 

            Carpeting comes in almost limitless colors, designs, and patterns, which means you can easily add a lot of personality and pizzazz to your home by choosing a carpet that is uniquely you. It can radically change the style of your space. From luxurious and elegant to casual and comfy, carpet can give a space an entirely different feel.

            If you're looking at commercial flooring for a space such as a healthcare facility or office, carpet can be a perfect choice. It has beauty, performance, value, and sustainability that lends itself well to commercial uses. 

            6. It hides dirt
              If you choose your carpeting strategically, it can hide dirt and help keep your home looking clean and well kept. While this doesn’t take away the need to actually vacuum regularly, carpet can hide so many flaws and is not left looking unkempt at the first crumb. While it does require vacuuming and care on occasion, it’s not as high maintenance as most people think.

              7. Health benefits 
                There has been a long-running debate about whether carpet aggravates or alleviates health problems. Truth of the matter is, if you never clean your carpet, it will be hard on your health. But if you keep it clean, is it still harmful? Short answer? Probably not. Studies show that new, clean carpet can actually improve indoor air quality. New carpet is actually one of the lowest volatile organic compounds (VOC) - emitting flooring choices available. It also requires fewer cleaning chemicals for maintenance than do other floor coverings.

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