Discount Flooring Warehouse

Reflooring your home doesn't need to be expensive. Give each room the look and feel you want with high-quality flooring at a low price! When you browse our discount flooring warehouse, you'll find a wide variety of carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring. Our high-quality flooring products are sure to give you timeless durability and style. Visit our discount flooring warehouse in Leola for the flooring products you need for your upcoming project. 

At Flor Haus, not only do we supply discount flooring such as tile, vinyl, and hardwood flooring, but we also have professional designers and installers ready to get your flooring job done without any headaches!

Knowledgeable Flooring Professionals

Never purchased flooring before? Our knowledgeable flooring professionals are able to give solid recommendations and answers to your flooring questions.

DIY Training and Tips

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Our on-staff professionals are always available to provide you with great do-it-yourself tips. We also host DIY training days to provide more focused learning opportunities.

Tool Rentals

Need a tool for your flooring installation? At Flor Haus we are happy to provide rentals for many common flooring tools.