Discount Flooring Warehouse

Pay Less for Top-Quality Flooring at Discounted Prices

Are you dreaming about buying the perfect flooring for your home? Are you hoping for top-of-the-line quality but dreading the dollar signs attached? Are you wondering if it’s possible to mesh your flooring dreams with your budget’s limits?

Wonder no more!

Here at Flor Haus, we understand the struggle. That’s why we provide a solution—our discount flooring warehouse. 

Top Reasons to buy Discount Flooring at Flor Haus

Customer Service

It’s a big deal. We’ll do our best to keep you from wandering the aisles hopelessly. We love answering questions and dreaming with you. It’s why we’re here. 


We have professional flooring installers on the team who think installation is fun. They’re also really good at it. You could have a new floor installed in no time; efficiently and professionally too.

Rental Tools

Are you up for a challenge? We support you completely. Grab a few of our reliable rental floor installation tools, ask a few questions (only if you want!), and go home and do it. Transform that room with our discount flooring like never before.

Product Quality

Just because you’re buying discount tile, carpet, vinyl plank flooring, or hardwood doesn’t mean you’re getting inferior quality flooring—actually, just the opposite. You’ll find all the name brands like Shaw and Mannington included in the toss-up. Our discount flooring warehouse is filled with all the flooring we love — just not the right size for us to use.

Delivery Time

Now that can vary. It will just depend on the kind of flooring you’re looking for, how much you’re buying, and whether you’d like to have us install it or not for you. Get in touch with us today about it.

Discount Flooring Maintenance

Every flooring brand we carry is designed with cutting edge technology. So maintenance is easy. Follow easy-to-understand maintenance directions, and you’ll own a floor that you’ll love for years.