Here are some of the questions that we commonly get from our customers. Have more questions? Contact us today!

Q – Does Congoleum Evolution flooring hold up to dogs? 
A - Yes! It has a tough lifetime wear layer. 

Q – What is the best carpet for stairs? 
A – Shawmark Anything Goes carpet has an excellent stair warranty. 

Q – What’s a good vinyl for basements? 
A – We recommend a loose lay solid vinyl because It will be waterproof.

Q — Which scratches easier - vinyl plank or hardwood?
A — Vinyl plank is more scratch resistant than hardwood.

Q – Is vinyl plank better than hardwood?
A – Yes. Vinyl plank flooring is more scratch resistant, warmer on your feet, waterproof, and it doesn't expand and contract like traditional hardwood flooring.

Q — What flooring should I use for radiant heating?
A — There are three good options: (1) Carpet with a rubber pad underneath, (2) any vinyl plank, (3) or ceramic tile. Don't use hardwood.

Q — What are the advantages of vinyl tile over ceramic tile?
A — Vinyl tile is warmer and softer on feet while still looking like ceramic tile.

Q — Which is more durable, nylon carpet or polyester carpet?
A — Nylon carpet is more durable.