Hardwood Flooring in Southeast Pennsylvania

Are you looking for quality hardwood flooring in Southeast Pennsylvania? Check out the Flor Haus store and discount flooring warehouse located in Leola, PA—an hour’s comfortable drive west of Philadelphia’s western suburbs!
Everyone knows that it is hard to beat the beauty, durability, and luxury of quality hardwood flooring. Each piece of hardwood reveals a character all its own that comes directly from nature. The warm feel that hardwood gives a room has made it popular in many living areas, including dining rooms and family rooms.

Sustainability of Hardwood Flooring

You can also feel good about your flooring purchase because hardwood flooring is sustainable and a renewable resource. Foresters harvest old trees; new trees grow in their place–it’s all part of a natural cycle. A cycle from which we all may benefit.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Another significant benefit that quality hardwood flooring offers is its high return on investment (ROI) vs. many other flooring types. Just think! A new hardwood floor could help increase the resale value of your home. A new hardwood floor is a well-placed investment.
Hardwood is clean—shiny clean! If you struggle with allergy problems, consider choosing a hardwood floor: no allergens, no dust, no dirt. Hardwood flooring is simple to maintain in brilliant beauty.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing and Installation

Are you looking to do a complete floor refinishing? We also offer the service of refinishing existing hardwood floors. You can depend on our experienced flooring professionals to do a top-notch job. You can also count on our friendly staff to deliver helpful hints and tips if you plan to do-it-yourself.

Visit our showroom, and we’d be delighted to introduce you to all the options we offer. Whether it’s local or exotic, we offer an extensive range of varieties for you to consider. What’s more, our professional hardwood floor installation technicians are ready to do their best and add tremendous value to your home. You will not be disappointed when you choose to work with Flor Haus on your next flooring installation project!

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