Tile Showers

From a simple tile shower to outfitting an entire bathroom remodel, porcelain or ceramic tile is a brilliant choice for both floor and shower. Few other flooring materials resist the damp and stain-prone environment of a bathroom. By installing a tile floor and shower, you reduce the amount of time and energy spent cleaning your bathroom and repairing water damage. 

Are you envisioning a gleaming tile floor in your kitchen? Ceramic or porcelain tile is a superior choice with its wear resistance and easy maintenance! Give your kitchen a sparkling, fresh look with a tile backsplash, floor, or countertop. Food prep will become easy and enjoyable!

Be sure to choose a slip-resistant or textured surface where you expect wet floors to minimize the risk of slipping.

custom tile shower

You might be wondering, “What is the difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile?” Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both durable and boast endless options. Both are an excellent choice for floors, but they have a few differences.

Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

  • Made from clay and other natural elements
  • Made from sand and other minerals
  • More porous than porcelain
  • More dense than ceramic
  • Cheaper than porcelain
  • More expensive than ceramic
  • High absorption rate - best to avoid showers, patios, and areas with high foot traffic
  • Low absorption rate - ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other moisture-prone areas
  • Easy to install - soft surface requires only a tile cutter
  • Harder to install - hard surface requires more equipment


With their classic look and clean-lined appearance, porcelain and ceramic tiles will have your floor, shower, and backsplash looking sharp. 

Talk to us! We have many different designs available and time to look at them with you. We make it our business to explore solutions that meet your flooring needs, and we would be delighted to walk alongside you through your flooring project. As always, you can count on our professional floor installation crews to install your tile floor right!


Professional Installs

Our professional bathroom and tile shower installers provide the expertise and precision to create your beautiful bathroom.

Complete Bathroom Remodels

Go beyond your tile shower. Flor Haus is happy to provide full bathroom remodels. From design to installation and finishing, we’re here to build your dream bathroom.