Nancy was devastated. She and her husband had hired a company to completely gut their kitchen and remodel, in Nancy’s words, “the whole nine yards.” The dream project turned into a nightmare when the flooring subcontractor installed the new flooring. She doesn’t know what went wrong, but the newly installed flooring had strange, muddy-looking marks all over it—flaws that refused to disappear no matter how much they cleaned. 

The manufacturer looked at the flooring, and the flooring company tried three different techniques. Still, the marks didn’t go away. Over six months later and nowhere close to an answer, they decided to look for another flooring installer. 

Nancy called Flor Haus, who had installed their upstairs flooring earlier. She explained their family’s flooring dilemma. “Steve went above and beyond. Steve and one of his gentlemen did the installation themselves,” she explains.

It took Flor Haus three days to install the new luxurious vinyl plank floor. “It’s vinyl, but it looks like wood. Everyone loves our wood floor,” Nancy commented. Nancy also remembered what a messy job it was. But she was delighted that Flor Haus cleaned up the dirt every evening and her household furnishings were back in place before they left. 

The couple couldn’t be happier with their new flooring. It’s beautiful and has no muddy marks. Unless, of course, someone traipses through the house with their boots. And even that’s okay. The floor cleans like a charm. 

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