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Everyone knows that nothing beats walking on a warm carpet in wintertime. But the memories of fruitlessly trying to clean stains out of the loose carpet weave persist. Such recollections steer many people away from the carpet. If that's holding you back, think again!

We have good news for you! Today's stain-resistant carpet flooring is far superior to what was available yesteryear. And when we say stain-resistant, we precisely mean just that! We offer carpet flooring that doesn't absorb liquids like a sponge yet still provides the comfort you crave. We offer a wide variety of stain-resistant carpets for all different situations. Say goodbye to long hours of stressful scrubbing and welcome the ultimate carpet solution.

  • We have incredible high-performance weaves for situations where there is a lot of wear and tear. This rugged carpet flooring is worth every penny it costs and combines practicality with beauty.
  • Want to walk in luxury? Check out the plush carpet flooring we have available. The smooth and elegant feel of this carpet flooring will make walking barefoot an absolute pleasure.
  • Our broadloom, wall-to-wall carpet flooring options are perfect for making your home comfortable and reducing noise. Arrange your carpet squares in a consistent direction or change them up and create an eye-catching pattern.

Our friendly carpet installation professionals are ready to install the flooring with excellent expertise. We make it our business to work around your schedule and do it hassle-free!

Prefer to handle installation on your own? The carpet tile we offer is super simple to install. That's right! Installing carpet tiles doesn't have to be complicated! That is why DIY homeowners choose carpet tile flooring for their homes and projects. Grab a tape measure and utility knife and see your home transformed. Carpet tiles also open the possibility of incorporating attractive designs into your floor. The options are limitless!

Whatever installation route you choose, our flooring specialists stand ready to serve you, and our professional team will do their best in installing or upgrading your flooring situation with great care and efficiency.

Got questions? Here are some answers to common questions relating to carpet flooring.

What is the best stain-proof carpet?
Nylon carpets are the most durable and static-free. They maintain their thick fiber height and resist stains and soils, all while keeping their colors from fading. Their synthetic material is both durable and affordable making it an excellent choice for high-traffic and other well-used areas.

Do stain-resistant carpets work?
While no carpet is 100% stain-proof, these stain-resistant types do not soak up spills. Whether it's carpet on stairs, family rooms, or bedrooms, no one relishes the thought of needing to scrub stubborn messes out of their floors. With stain-resistant carpet, you can remove spills and stains more efficiently and effectively without the risk of permanent damage.

What color carpet hides the dirt best?
Naturally, dark brown is the most effective color for hiding dirt. You can successfully conceal dirt with darker shades of gray, blue, green, and other neutrals. However, this should not stop you from expressing yourself through bright and bold contrasting color mixes or earthy, organic, natural trends.

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