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Hardwood Flooring Installation in Hummelstown, PA

Donette's Story

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Hummelstown, PA

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Hummelstown, PA

New flooring. Donette Ames knew they needed it. In two crucial rooms of the house — the living room and the family room. Every year, the carpet in both rooms looked more worn and less inviting.

Finally, in November of 2020, Donette decided it was time to purchase new flooring. As she got serious about buying new flooring, she knew where she’d be shopping. Flor Haus. They had previously installed floors for the Ames. Donette was sure she wouldn’t be disappointed. And she was right!

A few weeks later, Ivan arrived from Flor Haus. Donette commented that she liked his perfectionism. He carefully moved the furniture, removed the molding, and tore out the old carpet.

The Ames chose Triangulo hardwood flooring. For the living room, they agreed on a hardwood flooring from South America — Brazilian Teak. For the family room, Brazilian cherry flooring — a rich, reddish, and durable hardwood. Ivan installed the living room floor in a diagonal pattern for an eye-catching effect.

Less than a week later, after reinstalling molding and pushing furniture back into place, Flor Haus was finished. Once again, Donette’s family and living rooms looked welcoming.

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“We always have great success using FlorHaus for our home and business.” -Donette A., Homeowner from Hummelstown, PA

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