New vinyl plank flooring installation in Lancaster, PA

Jerry and his family were dreaming of a new house. Finally, they found one they loved and immediately decided on having new flooring installed before they moved into the place.

It was a tough decision for them to decide which flooring company to use from their area. Bids were tight, and options were plentiful. But looking back, Jerry can’t think of anything he would’ve done differently. He reflected:

“Our favorite thing about Flor Haus was their flexibility when it came to working around other contractors also working at our house.”

After careful consideration, Jerry chose Mayflower vinyl plank flooring for his entire home. Rich, variegated tones of gray and brown made it a modern yet practical choice. Here is what Jerry commented about the Flor Haus service:
New vinyl plank flooring installation in Lancaster, PA
“Flor Haus did an excellent job with the installation. They communicated about their schedule and any issues that arose and also made sure I was satisfied.”

In six days, Flor Haus was finished with the flooring project. Jerry and his family now enjoy not only their new home but also their new flooring every day.

Is your home needing a splash of new life? Check out our endless flooring options at Flor Haus today.

“I was impressed with how Flor Haus worked around some minor surprises during installation and came up with a perfect solution. They were also very friendly and did a high-quality job.” -Jerry B., Flor Haus Customer