New vinyl plank tile flooring installation in Middletown, PA

Old. Soiled. And Smelly. That’s how Shelley described her carpet. Having used Flor Haus for flooring installation needs previously, she was eager to get in touch with them again.

When asked if it was hard to decide on the type of flooring she wanted, Shelley replied, “It’s always overwhelming because Flor Haus has so many options. But Steve and Chris are always very helpful and accommodating—to the point of dropping off and picking up samples from my home since I’m not local and Chris lives near me.”

They agreed to keep their choices simple, deciding on CoreTec vinyl plank for four bedrooms and the hallway. They chose a beautiful tile in the back office that resembled wood with a clean, light grain.
New vinyl plank tile flooring installation in Middletown, PA
“Ivan is my absolute favorite,” Shelley commented. “He always cleans up after himself. If he will be late, needs to stay late, or needs to come on a weekend, he always gets pre-approval.”

The beauty of the new flooring along with the smell being gone and no carpets to clean anymore are a few of her favorite things about the renovation.

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