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When you need protection from water damage, waterproof flooring is the best choice in any area of your home. However, they also provide many other benefits, especially if you need a gorgeous décor match or the best durability for high-traffic spaces. Here are some additional facts you might find helpful as you search for the perfect flooring for your home.

Which waterproof flooring do you need?

Waterproof vinyl flooring offers a whole-home approach that provides complete imperviousness to water, even in flood conditions. A unique core material ensures the products won't swell, split, or crack, giving you perfect peace of mind throughout your home. If you are a parent or pet owner, you'll greatly appreciate the protection these materials provide.

Waterproof flooring comes with great visual appeal, including products that mimic natural stone and solid hardwood flooring, in addition to beautiful patterns and designs that will allow you to match any existing décor. In addition, you'll find unique trending options that will keep you current longer, especially in the natural-look materials. No matter what your need is in appearance selection, we'll help you find the perfect match.

While waterproof protection is durability in its own right, other protective measures are in place. A top wear layer helps protect these floors from stains, fading, scuffs, scratches, and more, leaving your floors looking newer longer. It's a great way to reach the expected 20 years of lifespan for which these floors are known.

Be sure to spend some time talking with an associate when you visit. We'll take your vision and bring it to life in your home. To find out more about our materials, services, and processes, be sure to stop by any time.

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